Student Voice and Student Choice

Milton Hershey School pic

Milton Hershey School

 Milton Hershey School, of Hershey, Pennsylvania, has provided an excellent education for more than a century, and currently educates more than 2,000 students. By providing small class sizes and personalized instruction, Milton Hershey School teachers allows students to cultivate their own educational interests and develop a love of learning by giving them a voice in the classroom.

Through open-ended challenges, students at all grade levels choose how they’re going to solve a problem and articulate how they’re going to do it—increasing student voice and student choice in the classroom.

To create a balance between prescribed curriculum and open-ended, problem-based learning, our teachers and staff focus on foundational, 21st century skills. Students learn that knowledge and expertise aren’t exclusive to particular fields, and foundational skills like empathy, critical thinking and expression are necessary in every career.

As students at Milton Hershey School get used to expressing their voice and their choice in the classroom, they develop the foundational, 21st century skills needed to solve real-world challenges in a variety of disciplines.


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