Milton Hershey School Brings in Speaker for Perseverance Series


Milton Hershey School pic

Milton Hershey School

Based in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the Milton Hershey School (MHS) serves more than 2,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with free education, lodging, and medical care. Throughout the year, Milton Hershey School celebrates significant milestones or events that shape the institution’s culture, including a series of Perseverance Through Adversity events.

In February 2018, MHS Senior Division students had the opportunity to spend the weekend with inspirational speaker Rodney Walker, who shared his journey from the foster care system to Yale University and eventually launching his own business. Walker was on hand to lead discussion over two weekend days about the need for students to cultivate a vision for their lives. He also talked about the importance of having a trusted adult advisor and the value of forgiveness.

MHS puts together these talks as part of its ongoing Perseverance Through Adversity speaker series. Through these events, the school works to develop leadership qualities in its students while preparing them to face real-world challenges.


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