Alliance Schools Program Supports Graduates in Postsecondary Education

Alliance Schools Program pic

Alliance Schools Program

Milton Hershey School accepts students from across the country regardless of their financial circumstances and provides an education that focuses on academic achievement, personal development, and future success. Based in Pennsylvania, Milton Hershey School (MHS) continues to support students beyond graduation through the Alliance Schools Program.

The program represents a partnership between MHS and postsecondary intuitions that support MHS graduates throughout their postsecondary education. Institutions within the alliance include technical schools and two- and four-year colleges that offer special programs developed as part of the partnership. Students receive individualized attention from an assigned Alliance staff member who provides support and resources designed to help graduates succeed in college and acquire the necessary degree or certificate to pursue their chosen career.

Furthermore, students who attend a postsecondary institution within the alliance gain access to many additional benefits that range from guaranteed housing and apartment referrals to opportunities for internships and part-time work. The program offers first-year adjustment and transition courses to help students prepare for college life and promote their academic achievement.


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