President Gurt Sees Milton Hershey School’s Future with 2020 Vision

Milton Hershey School pic

Milton Hershey School

When Peter Gurt became the president of Milton Hershey School in 2014, he brought with him a plan for the future of the school. The 2020 Vision is the school’s five-year strategic plan.

President Gurt’s 2020 Vision calls for expanding the school’s historic mission of providing a cost-free, residential education of the highest quality to children from low-income backgrounds.The plan is built on three major goals: cultivate strength of character and deliver a top-notch education; expand our mission; and ignite staff engagement and exceptional performance.

Within the 2020 Vision, employees are more than teachers, houseparents and support staff – they are an extended family of mentors and a safety net for the children. By encouraging employees to build meaningful connections with students, it will ensure that each child has an adult on campus who will help guide them to success.


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