All About LeadX 2016

Milton Hershey School pic

Milton Hershey School

LeadX is a yearly conference that brings together and inspires promising young leaders. Students from many schools and backgrounds participate in the event, including students from Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Students and young leaders presented on such topics as the qualities of leaders and the impact one can have on the world. One student from the Milton Hershey School gave a speech about the power of one person.

Past LeadX conferences have featured many celebrity speakers, including former President Bill Clinton, and Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, the CEO and president of Herrmann International. Speech subjects have included everything from thinking agility to the science of leadership.

The conference aims to bring individuals from business, schools, and various industries together to learn, network, and further develop their leadership skills through speakers, roundtables, and focused workshops. At a conference of leaders, awards also are given for many achievements, including the Top Future Leader Award, Best Mentoring Program, and Best Corporate University, among others.


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