Houseparent, a Rewarding Career Choice

A residential school in Pennsylvania, the Milton Hershey school provides a top-notch education to students from families of lower income. During their time at the Milton Hershey School, students stay in home-like environments with eight to 12 other students of their same gender and age group, and are cared for by houseparents. Becoming a houseparent can be a rewarding career choice for people who enjoy working with young people.

Houseparents assist with school work and activities, and helping students maintain the shared living environment. Working as a houseparent can give individuals the satisfaction of knowing they have had a meaningful impact on the lives of youth.


Milton Hershey School and Community Service

Founded in 1909, the Milton Hershey School offers a top-notch education to students from families of lower income, all at no-cost. In addition to rigorous academics and quality extracurricular activities, all students at the Milton Hershey School participate in giving back to the surrounding communities.

It has become an annual tradition at Milton Hershey School to open the school year by recognizing the generosity of Milton and Catherine Hershey by performing community service. This year, students participated in projects in Derry and South Hanover townships, and other communities throughout Dauphin, Lebanon, York and Lancaster counties.

“We have the power to impact one life at a time, and that is the idea behind Community Day,” said MHS President Peter G. Gurt ’85.

In all, 2,000 students participated in the day of service and hundreds of MHS employees joined them in their commitment to giving back.