Ice Cream Shop Provides Experiential Learning for Students

For more than a century, Milton Hershey School has provided a top-notch education at no cost to students from income-eligible families. At Milton Hershey School, 2,000 students from throughout the United States have opportunities for academic and hands-on learning. Among other experiential learning activities, students can participate in a student-run ice cream store, called the Spartan Ice Cream Center.

Located at the Cloverdale Barn, Spartan Ice Cream Center has regular hours during the summer months. At the shop, patrons can sample ice cream delights, featuring Hershey’s candies, made by student interns. Whether they select ready-to-eat cones or half-gallons to take home, patrons can also enjoy knowing they are helping students gain skills, which will benefit them in their future lives. Working as a Spartan Ice Cream Center intern helps students learn about time management, customer service, and other areas vital for career success.

In addition, students collect tips to benefit pediatric patients at the Child Life Center at a Pennsylvania medical center. Last year, students collected more than $300 for this worthy cause.


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